Monday, July 28, 2008

Are you a male or a female? This website will tell you based on your internet history!

Yes, you read it right. Mike On Ads is an cool website which analyses your web history and tries to guess your gender by using clever javascript. In the authors own words

"I modified the SocialHistory JS so that it polled the browser to find out which of the Quantcast top 10k sites were visited. I then apply the ratio of male to female users for each site and with some basic math determine a guestimate of your gender. The math is really quite simple, I just take:

1 / (1 + r_1 * r_2 * … * r_n)

where p_i is the ratio of men-to-women for the specific site. For example, if you had been to two sites that had a 2-1 ratio of men to women, the probability of you being female would be:

1 / (1 + 2 * 2) = 1/5 = 20%"

I gave the test and it turned out to be 100% accurate.


You have to click on a button (takes some time to load due to all those comments) and then after few seconds your guessed gender is displayed.





Scienceray, as the name suggests is an Science related website. Scienceray is a user powered website dedicated to providing you with the highest quality science oriented content on the web. All the articles are rich in detail and are well written. Scienceray contains post on many every branch of science, ranging from odd-ball biology to quirky physics.

Another cool thing about Scienceray is that it is a complete web 2.0 site. Users can rate, comment and browse the content by tags.


This site reaches over 119K monthly people, of which 77,977 (65%) are in the U.S. The site is popular among a heavily male, middle aged audience. And oh, its also one of my favorite. If you are a science buff or want to be one go to Scienceray.


Some interesting posts from Scienceray:

Seven More Bizarre Mating Rituals

Worlds Most Impressive Rock Formations

Thursday, July 24, 2008

WriteRhyme - Poet's best friend

WriteRhymes is a handy little resource for any aspiring poet - or anyone who like to annoy their co-workers by needlessly speaking in rhymes. Type some text in the box, alt + click a word, and suggested rhymes appear in a balloon. They're even grouped by syllable count for easy integration into your poetic rhythm.
You can even print, copy, and save your literary works via three handy buttons below the text box. Neato!
We did try, but sadly there are still no words that rhyme with orange or purple. Or verisimilitude, for that matter.


One tip. After alt+clicking wait for some time for the results to be displayed in a balloon.

Monday, July 21, 2008

End of The World


Best of the Web has jotted down 10 Disasters which could end the world. Worth checking out. I personally believe that reason 9 and 10 are most likely to happen.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

What Would MacGyver Do - Turn junk things into tech gadgets

What Would MacGyver Do, is an amazing site I found while browsing the net. Its owner posts video tutorials of some real cool things he does with his tech junk.


There are tutorials which show you how to build a self powered flashlight with common items like LED flashlight, screwdriver, solar panel, etc.There is one video which shows how to turn an calculator into a metal detector. Over all its a cool blog, with some cool tutorials some of which you might like to try out.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Gullibleinfo - Everything on the internet is true

imageimage         The internet is full of various trivia, facts and interesting stuff. Gullibleinfo is a great resource for those who love trivia. Some of the interesting facts I found out from this site are:

• The bathrooms, portable toilets and outhouses in and near the beer tents of Munich during Oktoberfest process .84 liters of urine for every liter of beer sold.
• The average person's toenails are 1.86 times thicker than his or her fingernails.
• For most people, the Gluteus Maximus is the muscle that responds most readily to exercise.
• One in 2222 corrective lens wearers have identical prescriptions for each eye.
• There are more than a dozen languages and dialects in Asia whose word for 'ant' sounds like 'uncle'.


Gullibleinfo is a cool site you must check out. And do visit their ' fat check forum', it is as funny if not more than the actual site.