Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Gullibleinfo - Everything on the internet is true

imageimage         The internet is full of various trivia, facts and interesting stuff. Gullibleinfo is a great resource for those who love trivia. Some of the interesting facts I found out from this site are:

• The bathrooms, portable toilets and outhouses in and near the beer tents of Munich during Oktoberfest process .84 liters of urine for every liter of beer sold.
• The average person's toenails are 1.86 times thicker than his or her fingernails.
• For most people, the Gluteus Maximus is the muscle that responds most readily to exercise.
• One in 2222 corrective lens wearers have identical prescriptions for each eye.
• There are more than a dozen languages and dialects in Asia whose word for 'ant' sounds like 'uncle'.


Gullibleinfo is a cool site you must check out. And do visit their ' fat check forum', it is as funny if not more than the actual site.


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